Reducing Snowflake's Translation Costs by 36%

without compromising translation quality

"We needed the highest quality translation in the shortest time possible. Machine translation with post-editing has exceeded all our expectations, while also reducing our costs." – Yitzik Brenman, Sr. Manager, Documentation Snowflake

Machine Translation for Software

What’s Inside?



Snowflake is one of the world’s leading Enterprise Data Management software providers with over 19 offices globally. They help international customers unite data siloes to unlock the full potential of their business data.


With platform updates being released every week, they needed new features and documentation to be translated rapidly and accurately to prevent a domino effect of delays on subsequent releases.


Get this case study to learn how Milengo helped Snowflake achieve timely documentation releases in a cost-effective manner, including how to:

  • Develop a customized localization strategy that is tested and scalable
  • Speed up workflows and reduce manual file handling through automation
  • Balance quality and cost using Machine Translation with human post-editing
  • Adapt Machine Translation to effectively read software mark-up scripts

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