Localization Strategies for International Expansion

Go To Market: Finding the Right Partner to Make Scaling Up Your Translations a Success

Internationalization is the key to exponential corporate growth. However, adapting products, services, and marketing content to the culture of the target market is often more difficult than it initially seems.

Localization Strategies for International Expansion

What’s Inside?

Ensuring the success of localizing your product for overseas markets goes far beyond simply translating your content. It also involves quality assurance, automation through APIs and connectors, and much more.


From unicorns to award-winning startups, see how Milengo's 30 years of tech localization experience helped companies grow internationally.



Learn about:

  • How translation workflows can speed up the time-to-market for your product
  • How Milengo helped Snowflake, Celonis, and Megaport establish efficient translation workflows and consistent corporate language across every language
  • The importance of the quality assurance process and terminology management for your reputation in the local market

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