Say goodbye to expensive voiceovers and managing multiple vendors. With up to 40 languages to choose from, our natural-sounding AI voice generator will have you speaking the same languages as your audiences in no time!

Ditch Monotonous Voiceovers

Computer-generated voices don't need to sound like robots. Get friendly and expressive AI-optimized voices with Milengo's AI Voiceover Pro, and make that drawling monotony a thing of the past.

Hear it for yourself! Simply fill out the form to access audio samples of our AI-generated voices in English (US & UK), German, French, and Spanish. A link to the audio samples will also be emailed to you.

Key Benefits

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Customized Text-to-Speech for Your Brand 

Day-ta or dah-ta? Customize vocabulary, speech patterns, and pronunciations of AI Voiceover Pro according to your brand's tone of voice and use case.

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Streamlined Workflows for Your Team

Reduce lead time and simplify project management with one go-to point for all translations. You provide the content, we handle translations, voiceovers, and deliver in ready-to-use formats.

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Up to 70% cost-savings for Your Budget

Adaptable AND affordable! Optimize budgets while improving ROI with localized content that can be updated whenever you need!


Listen to AI Audio Samples